Booking Tariff Payment Refund:

Any refund related to Booking Tariff Payments are governed by cancellation policy. To know about detailed Cancellation policy please visit our Cancellation Policy.

If there is any change in booking LOS(Length of Stay) or Number of Guests, the extra bedding charges collected can be refunded if intimated to AamerTours minimum ‘2 days / 48 Hours’ prior to Check-In. Please note that with all refunds a 10% processing fee shall be levied for listing charges & processing the refund. No refund for extra bedding charges shall be processed if informed within 2 days prior check-in or after check-in.

About Refunds Processing:

In case of any refunds that AamerTours owes Guest(s), the processing shall be completed within 7 working days.

A nominal cancellation fee of 10% shall be levied for processing refunds by AamerTours. This is levied to cover listing charges & payment gateway charges along with a minimal processing charge.

Note: these refund are applicable only if cancellation or change in LOS/Adults is done by contacting AamerTours Customer Care by phone or E-mail.