We at AamerTours.com aims at providing a lifetime travel experience with its HomeStays, Resorts & Camps. This experience can be lifetime memorable for you and your Friends, if you are following our crafted responsible guest guidelines. We have some guidelines in-place which will ensure that guests have an amazing experience.

As we know every home has a set of rules which we family members follow, in the same way we have to follow set of rules listed by our hosts while listing their accommodation on our portal, which you should check on specific property details page before booking the stay. Once the booking is made it’s understood that you are agreeing to follow the rules set by host.

So, as a responsible Guest, you are expected to follow below guidelines:

  • Don’t violate rules set by the host to have a great pleasant experience with your host.
  • Maintain hygiene while staying: as you know unlike hotels Homestays normally don’t have any housekeeping staffs and hosts only maintain the cleanliness. So, treat it as your home and don’t spread food and leftover, use dustbin and don’t litter here and there. If you are traveling with your pet, then ensure that your pet don’t litter in the property premises and neighborhood.
  • Non-veg: many Indian families are vegetarian by choice and traditionally, so check before booking in property details page if Non-veg food is allowed from outside and if provided by them. Normally they allow eggs.

Note that many families don’t consume Pork or Beef due to their religious sentiments, so respect their belief and check these things before booking.

  • Avoid bringing any guests who you have not booked with, to stay in the accommodation. Though, discuss with host prior and if you need to pay for extra bed etc.
  • Inform your host about late coming or if you are going early for expeditions, because they care about your safety and if not informed then it might worry them.
  • Take instructions from your Host family if you intend to wash your own laundry or ask them for help to find out a reliable laundry place.
  • Keep your expectations in check: as it’s a homestay and not a hotel, so expect accordingly.
  • Parties & Night bone fire arrangements: Discuss with host and take their consent if you want to party with friends and if they have to arrange something like bone fire and if they allow this.
  • Use resources of property carefully: Make sure you use the provided amenities carefully and leave them in working condition. Don’t leave water taps running and switch of electricity devices if not using.
  • Try to be Neighborhood Friendly – don’t do any activity that will cause trouble for host. Don’t get involved in local politics, issues or fights. Avoid discussion or debate on religious and local faiths. If any unavoidable issue arises then take host’s help to resolve it.
  • AamerTours.com has strong belief that every issue can be resolved by having discussions and talks, for any issue you face while staying discuss with host before raising with us and they will definitely resolve it.

Check-in requirements:

  • Host may ask you to provide copy of your identification proof like passport, Aadhar (for Indian travelers) or other government issued ID proof. Host may need to deposit this with the local police station as per guidelines applicable to such Hosts. Please co-operate with them.
  • If you have booked a property where the payment option is ‘Cash on Arrival’ and/or the host has mentioned a security deposit in property details page, ensure you carry adequate cash.
  • Ask to provide emergency contact numbers of the Host or his representative.


while booking your stay, take a look at the amenities provided by the Host at the booked room in the property. Make sure you use them wisely and leave them in working condition.


  • Check before booking about meals (breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) inclusions and timings when the meals provided.
  • Check beforehand meal types and menus and give instructions as per your booking and available options while booking.
  • Check if Non-veg provided and allowed.

Smoking & Drinking policy: 

  1. Check for Smoking & Drinking policy in property details page before booking.
  2. Check in amenities if BAR is available or not.

Know Our Flexible Cancellation policy:

  • If cancelled before 15 days of check-in 100% refund of base price is applicable.
  • If cancelled before 7 days of check-in 50% refund of base price is applicable.
  • No refund – if cancelled within 7 days of check-in.
  • Failure to arrive will be treated as a No-Show and there will be no refund.
  • Refund would be made within 7 working days to the account from which the booking payment made.
  • Cancellation for peak dates that is Diwali (21st Oct to 31st Oct, 2022) and Christmas and New year (24th Dec 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023) will not be accepted.

Visit to see detailed cancellation policy.

Note: There will be 10% processing fee applied.

AamerTours Policy in case of Uncontrollable Situations

  1.  e.g. riots, pandemic, change in Central or State Govt. policy the booking can be rescheduled to any date within 1 year of booking date, no cancellation charges will be applied.
  2. Must inform us at least 72 hours before the check-in.
  3. Rescheduling will be subject to the availability of rooms and stays.
  4. Can be rescheduled once, 2nd time fee @20% will be charged of basic tariff.
  5. Rescheduling can be done anywhere in India but for the Basic fair amount of previous booking.